Does your district have a process
for screening 403(b) providers?

Most 403(b) providers are not held to a fiduciary standard like other retirement plans.

If your district is like many others, it is probably lacking a screening process for 403(b) providers.  Unfortunately, we have found that many K-12 employees assume their providers have been properly vetted by their TPA and are unaware of high fees being charged by certain providers. 

We believe educated leaders can make a difference.

As the point person for your district, you have the power to initiate positive change when it’s needed most. Your leadership can bring awareness to topics that often get pushed aside by overwhelmed teachers.

Our simplified 403(b) screening process filters out sub-par providers that contain high fees, have conflicts of interest or make transfers difficult for your employees.

Yes, Review My District.

This report could be a valuable resource for your district and potentially help your district avoid future liabilities. Our reviews contain a side by side comparison of the services provided and the fees being charged.

Learn More.

Visit our (b)informed Learning Center for more information. We've created valuable free resources for K-12 employees looking to do their homework.

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