We're setting a NEW standard.

Our mission is to set a higher standard for K-12 school district 403(b) retirement plans.  By leveling the playing field, we aim to make investing fair for everyone, allowing educators to earn more while paying less.

We believe educated clients are the best clients.

Retirement investing for teachers can be confusing. Our goal is to help K – 12 employees understand how fees affect their 403(b) retirement plans.

We understand…your time is limited and it should be spent doing what you love.  We’ve simplified the 403(b) selection process by screening out providers that contain high fees, have conflicts of interest or make transfers difficult.

Guided by Fiduciary Ethics

We aim to remove conflicts of interest normally found in the 403(b) sales process.  

As fiduciaries, the advisors at K-12 Financial Advisors have the flexibility to choose from a variety of high quality products with your best interest in mind. If you don’t have a certain provider on your list, we can also guide you through the process to get access to better 403(b) providers.

If your district is like many others, they may be lacking a process for evaluating 403(b) providers. This means there is a good chance your 403(b) options include providers that charge high fees. You might even assume that all these companies have similar fees because they have been properly vetted to a certain standard. Our experience with K-12 educators shows otherwise.

Our mission is to help K-12 individuals & school districts select retirement plans that meet a higher standard, along with other traditional financial services.

Financial Planning

We assess your financial landscape, goals and objectives. Once we know where you stand in relationship to your goals, we can guide you to the course of action most likely to help you pursue them. We do this through educating you on the options you have available and the pros and cons of those decisions.

Investment Management

We manage a number of unique portfolios with very different objectives. Determining which one or ones are appropriate for you takes a deep understanding of what each is designed to do and the environment we are operating in currently. Our proprietary models have many different investment variables that we weigh and consider to determine the makeup of each. Sharing this with our clients gives them a better understanding of what to expect from each investment style.

Our Partners

As fiduciary advisors obligated to act in our client’s best interest, we have chosen to partner with several low-fee investment providers. We can help set up new accounts or work with existing portfolios.  

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